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Listed below are some of the sites on the Internet that contain information on DB2. We are endevouring to build this list as more sites become known to MDUG. If you know of a site that relates to DB2, or may be of interest to the DB2 community, then please send us an email giving us the details, and we will add it to our list below.

General Sites

IBM Software
IBM Software Download
IBM Open Blueprint Home Page
IBM Almaden Web Farm
MVS/ESA Reference Page
IBM Developer Site
General IBM Java Pages
Java Technology Development Centre

Technical References and Education

IBM Training
Database Programming and Design
Computer Books
RYC Inc.
Reveal DB2 Knowledge Base
The Training Registry
DB2 V4.1 Training Course
IBM Technical Tips
Platinum Database Tips
DB2 UDB Training Courses
Advanced Training Systems (DB2/400 and Net.Data)

General Database

IBM DB2 Page
IBM Database Roundtable
Ron Rabe's DB2 Page
Joe Geller's Home Page
Distributed Relational Database Architecture (DRDA)

DB2 Common Server and UDB

DB2/2 and Rexx
DB2 Common Server Technical Library
IBM DDCS For Windows
IBM DB2 Common Server Home Page
DB2 Universal Database Email User Group
DB2 UDB and Visualage for Java

DB2 and the Internet (DB2 WWW)

DB2 WWW Connection Frequently Asked Questions
DB2 WWW Connection Documentation
DB2/400 and Net.Data
Using DB2 From Perl
JDBC White Paper
DB2 for OS/390 Version 5 and JDBC
AS/400 Toolbox for Java
DB2 UDB Java Enablement Web Site
DB2 UDB SQLJ Support Web Page
Using DB2, Net.Data and Lotus Domino
IBM Net.Data


Data Warehousing

Intelligent Decision Server
IBM Business Intelligence
Data Warehousing Information Centre
The Data Warehouse Institute
OLAP, DSS, and EIS Information
What is OLAP, DSS, EIS?
Online Analytical Processing
The International Data Warehousing Association
DCI Data Warehousing Conferences
Datawarehousing Company
The Two Crows Company
Data Warehousing Knowledge Centre (One stop resource for Data Warehousing)
DM Review Online Magazine

Discussion Groups

DB2 Newsgroup
Various Discussion Groups
Searchable Directory of e-mail Discussion Groups
The Newsletter Library
Listserver at American Edu
DB2 Forums

DB2 Listserver. The DB2 Listserver is a email based system, enabling about 2200 DB2 professionals around the world to communicate their experiences via email. To become one of the many users of the Listserver, send an email to and put in your note the statement SUBSCRIBE DB2-L. Information will be returned to you as necessary. Or visit the web site

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